Principal Investigator

Elliot R McVeigh, Ph.D.  

Professor and Chair of Biomedical Engineering

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Suite 720 Ross Building, 

720 Rutland Ave

Baltimore, MD 21205


The Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering

Clark Hall 316, 3400 N. Charles St.

Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone:  (410) 955-3132 or (410) 516-7903

Email:  emcveigh AT

Assistant: Melanie Mossman 

mmossman AT or 410-516-7903


Administrative Director, BME Ph.D. Program

Hong Lan, M.A.

hlan1 AT

Office Phone: (410) 614-4280

720 Rutland Ave., Traylor 406

Baltimore MD 21205


Issel Anne Lim created this website for the Hopkins Imaging Training Grant in 2010. Please contact Dr. McVeigh with any questions.